7 Surprising Uses of a Pergola in Your Landscaping

7 Surprising Uses of a Pergola in Your Landscaping
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Whether you want to create an additional outdoor space or impactful design element, a pergola is the perfect addition to your landscape. Known for its four-sided, open-walled structure, a pergola can encourage outdoor engagement in unsuspecting ways. Employ these 7 surprising uses of a pergola in your landscaping for a new take on a timeless classic.

  1. Lounge in luxury. Underneath a pergola is the perfect setting for a backyard oasis. Distinguish the area with plush floor cushions, low tables, and soft area rugs for something surprising. Integrate exotic touches, such as potted begonias for a truly unique feel.
  2. Poolside comfort. Due to its ultimate comfort potential, a pergola should be a mandatory requirement for any pool deck large enough to hold one. Waterproof outdoor beds sit beautifully beneath an open-air pergola, which provides easy poolside access after a quick, refreshing dip. Movable curtains lend flexible sun protection, allowing you to adjust according to the sun’s rays at any time of day.
  3. A living structure. Use a pergola in your landscaping as a stop-and-stare focal point. Climbing plants are a gorgeous addition and add a whimsical look to your landscape. Honeysuckles supply your pergola with a pleasant, head-turning fragrance, while the delicate tendrils of clematises are reminiscent of a hidden garden.
  4. Sides open, sides closed. Although pergolas traditionally have open sides, you may opt to close off one or more to mix up form and function. For a surprising effect, use a pergola in combination with trellises, which gorgeously establish a sense of seclusion while preserving the original structure’s innate sense of openness and relation to your yard.
  5. Smooth transitions. A pergola may be used in your landscaping to create seamless transitions between outdoor spaces. Connect your home and an adjacent outdoor patio by incorporating textural or color elements from each into a pergola bridging the two. Pergolas brilliantly designate outdoor spaces, too, so consider one for your al fresco bar or kitchen area.
  6. Versatile privacy. Curtains made of outdoor fabric can transform the look and feel of a pergola, giving you the option to leave it completely open or section off the space. Draw back heavy curtains to mimic “walls” for instant privacy. When you utilize cozy weatherproof furniture, such as sectional sofas and coffee tables, it will seem as if you have an indoor room right in your yard.
  7. Go hybrid. Using a pergola in your landscape doesn’t have to involve yet another outdoor room. Combine the structural components of a trellis, arbor, and pergola for an inventive living archway. Ensure the feature is wide enough for interior seating nooks and let climbing plants grow naturally up either side. Taking refuge in your garden will become a common pastime with this unexpected pergola hybrid. 

These 7 surprising uses for a pergola in your landscaping will change the way you think about these outdoor structures. Impress friends and neighbors with an innovative pergola in your yard!

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