6 Amazing Ways to Transform Your Landscaping

6 Amazing Ways to Transform Your Landscaping

6 Amazing Ways to Transform Your Landscaping

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Many homeowners don't look at landscaping as a reflection of themselves. It is the first thing people notice about your home, and generally the most frequent part of you that your neighbors see. So how could it not be? You want your lawn and garden to say something about your style. So if you want to take your landscape from ordinary to memorable (for yourself and/or visitors), consider adding one of the following attractions to your yard!


Add a Water Feature

Water features may be one of the most underutilized elements in landscaping. There is no better way to turn your yard into a tranquil haven than the addition of a beautiful water feature. You can opt for a traditional large, bubbling fountain or use natural stone and water loving plants to blend your water feature into the landscape. There are endless possibilities for every type of style.

Install Creative Hardscaping

Sometimes standing out is a good thing. Creatively revamping your landscaping will take it beyond those boring carbon copy lawns and give your landscape year round interest. It could be something as simple as adding a beautiful curved retaining wall and a custom paver driveway. Regardless of the options you go with, make sure they reflect your personal style and complement your other exterior spaces (such as your home's architecture and style).

Lighting Up Your Landscape

Nothing instantly transforms a landscape into a magical setting like perfectly placed outdoor lighting. You can combine beauty and function by adding footlights to walkways and steps. Lights that hang up high in your landscape add a breathtaking charm (e.g. over your gazebo). And filling your landscape with soft, glowing lights makes your home the perfect place for outdoor evening entertaining.

Create a Space For Your Interests

Your landscaping should be a reflection of your interests and personality. Make your property unique by adding an area that is dedicated to an activity that you are passionate about. For example, if you love to golf, you can create a small practice green. For fishing enthusiasts, a fishing pond gives you a place to escape in your own backyard. So don't just settle for the usual outdoor areas!

Grow a Showy Garden

A creative garden adds so much dimension and beauty to your landscape. It can inspire and energize you. Succulent gardens are becoming increasingly in vogue and add a colorful, yet unique aspect to your yard. A formal garden is perfect for those with classical tastes who want to add a refined element to their landscape. To include kids, be sure to add kid-friendly areas in which they can help you plant and maintain (whether it's edibles or just visually stunning plants).

A Stunning Path

There is something so inviting about a perfectly placed walkway that meanders through beautiful flowerbeds. A path is a great way to use your creativity outdoors and direct foot traffic in the course you wish it to go. You can use distantly spaced stones for an informal cottage style path or get as creative as you wish with a patterned path.


Need some help transforming your front or backyard spaces? Contact us - we are happy to indulge your creativity and help you plan the more technical aspects of your ideas.

Image: Project by Blackwood & Associates. See it here.