Perfect Backsplashes for Your Kitchen Remodel in the Sewickley, PA Area

Perfect Backsplashes for Your Kitchen Remodel in the Sewickley, PA Area

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, backsplashes are often underappreciated elements which actually transform the entire look of a project. Nestled between countertops and cabinets, and above cooktops and sinks, backsplashes not only add a pop of personality, but protect walls from smoke, grease, and other byproducts of kitchen activity. Make finding the perfect backsplashes for your PA kitchen remodel a top priority to achieve an outcome you’ll love, guaranteed.

One common question when it comes to kitchen design: should I match backsplashes to countertops, or plan around them? Both are valid approaches which ensure design continuity, if applied correctly. Read on to find out which one is right for your kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodel backsplash ideas in Sewickley, PA

Countertop Cues

According to some experts, choosing countertops before making a backsplash decision is wise because the former is available in limited color and texture options. Furthermore, your countertops will see the bulk of practical use in your kitchen, so it’s important to select the best style for you. Once this design foundation is set, backsplashes should complement, rather than compete with countertops and cabinetry. If your counter materials are particularly dynamic, then muted, neutral-hued backsplashes are perfect for your kitchen remodel. On the opposite end, soft countertop colors and materials pair well with striking backsplash designs.

Let Backsplashes Take the Lead

If making a statement is a priority, pick bold backsplashes and let countertop decisions come second in the design process. With this approach, perfect backsplashes are not difficult to find, as they are purchasable in an array of colors, textures, and materials. Install beautiful painted glass tiles for eye-catching color or put 17th century Portuguese tiles at center stage for a fun twist on a classic look.

Complementary Colors

Matching backsplashes to countertops doesn’t have to be an “either/or” matter. Stuck with leftover countertop slab material? Install it on the wall space perpendicular to your kitchen countertops for simple, yet playful continuity. Another option is to match your backsplash’s color and texture to countertops, but mix up its format. For instance, combine light-colored marble slab countertops with a tiled backsplash of the same material. Or, simplify the entire process with short splashes, running your countertop a few inches up surrounding kitchen walls for a neat, clean, and wall-protecting design.

Create Focal Points

Perfect backsplashes for your kitchen remodel don’t have to be uniform. Get creative with high-impact patterns and unexpected, centerpiece-worthy materials in areas with open wall space, such as above a stove or sink. Consider directing tiles in diagonal fashion, or take a break from consistency with multicolored mosaic tiles to bring the space above your cooking range to life. While a focal point can be a head-turning addition to your kitchen remodel, it also gives the eye an easy place rest, when done right.

Breathe fresh air into your cooking space with these approaches for finding the perfect backsplashes. Your kitchen remodel will become a point of conversation for any visitor to your home! Need some help, contact us!


Image: A project by Blackwood & Associates. See more of it here.