Top 3 Landscaping Ideas To Get More Use Out Of Your Western Pennsylvania Backyard

Top 3 Landscaping Ideas To Get More Use Out Of Your Western Pennsylvania Backyard

For many Western PA homeowners, the backyard takes up at least 70% of the entire property space. In other words, there is a lot more square footage outside in your own outdoor spaces than there is in your interiors. Don't let it go to waste! Take advantage of this incredible space and spend more time outdoors this summer. Here are the top 3 landscaping ideas that will surely get you out there more often.

landscaping ideas for Canonsburg and moon township in PA

The party is at your house

Stop enjoying every summer barbecue at someone else's home! Bring the party to your house. Create spaces that make it easier to host these daytime and evening events right in your backyard. As a basic essential, start with a patio. For determining the size you need and other design points, read this related article. Be sure to add shade with trees, umbrellas, and a structure like a pergola or gazebo. These structures also help establish an outdoor room (kind of like walls inside). Swimming pools are of course a great addition to the backyard entertaining area, but don't forget to keep it heated for dips in the summer evenings and early fall days. Top off the outdoor areas with a fire pit - they are pretty much guaranteed to keep events going way past sunset! 

Add privacy to your backyard

There's nothing that'll encourage you to turn back around into the house than a neighbor enjoying their space - that is too close to yours. Create your own retreat with privacy. And don't think privacy for a backyard is just a fence. There are numerous beautiful ways (sometimes even more beautiful than a privacy fence) to create your own private oasis. A wall of plants and shrubs can add a tasteful, and even aesthetic, screen for privacy. Combinations of the right trees and screen fencing can also do wonders. Speaking of that pergola from earlier, add curtains to enhance privacy (and more shade) in your landscaping.

Add relaxing elements

Water features are almost a sure shot in creating a relaxing environment in your outdoor spaces. Ponds with exotic fish and decor can provide serenity and tranquility. Waterfalls, with their perfect sounds, can help block out the noise of passing cars or your neighbor's parties. Water features can also help establish rooms since they can serve as a focal point or a division. For complementing natural sound effects, add wind chimes and bird houses. And to invigorate your sense of small, consider lavender plantings. 

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