Top Pool Deck Design Ideas

Have you had a pool in your backyard for years, but rarely get enjoyment out of it? Would you like to plan a pool design for your landscape, but are afraid it will fall completely flat? Chances are, you haven’t yet been exposed to the amazing versatility and allure of a carefully planned poolscape. From gorgeous hardscaping to luxurious extra features, let these top pool deck design ideas inspire you to achieve your ultimate summertime haven.

Practical and Stunning Hardscaping

Your hardscaping design is fundamental to the aesthetic and feel of your pool deck. Select flooring that is skid-proof, slip-resistant, and stands up well to the elements without forfeiting your design sense. Natural stone, concrete, and porcelain are excellent paving options that boast creative flexibility while enhancing safety. Use stone hardscaping to underlie an earthy, organic refuge, or go for supreme elegance with the pristine cleanliness of smooth porcelain pavers. Decorative concrete can be stained or stamped to match your home’s exterior and surrounding landscape. If your pool deck design includes multiple “rooms,” such as an adjacent outdoor kitchen or lounge area, create borders, bands, and “rugs” use a diverse set of patterns and textures to distinguish them.

Everlasting Privacy

When determining your priorities for the perfect backyard pool, put privacy at the very top. A pool deck design should insulate from the sights and sounds of the world outside your yard while maintaining harmony with your main home. Tall perimeter plantings, fencing, and ornamental screens brilliantly hide your pool deck away from neighbors and passers-by, yet add to its attractiveness. Employ berms or thick vegetation to block incoming noise and keep conversations private; water features, such as an effervescent fountain or waterfall, serve a similar purpose. Finally, locate your pool far away enough from the main home to protect those indoors from sound and splashing disturbance, but not so distant as to seem inaccessible.

Intelligent Layout

When brainstorming pool deck design ideas, consider how layout will affect the way you use the space. Create an intuitive gathering spot by furnishing an expansive area with tables and chairs to encourage engagement and conversation. Use functional terracing on your pool deck to distinguish upper lounge spaces from entertainment zones down below. Take into account, too, the overarching view your pool deck will provide: would it be more visually pleasing to face your layout toward a beautifully landscaped yard, or does your home’s exterior contain charming details that should be highlighted, such as an inviting patio or stellar trellis work? According to top pool deck designers, you should orient your space toward the natural views encircling your property, when possible. Showcase a lake or mountain by blocking any sights that might detract from the scenery with clever landscaping features, such as hedges or fencing.

Finally, bring special touches to your pool deck with custom cabanas, tiki torches, or a footbridge suspended over the narrowest section of your pool. If your budget and landscape allows, why not incorporate an infinity pool? With the right hardscaping, degree of privacy, and layout, your poolscape should accommodate a range of features, so let your pool deck design ideas run wild! Related: Swimming Pool Project in Mars, PA by Blackwood & Associates.