Trending Kitchen Appliances To Consider in Your Kitchen Remodel

 Trending Kitchen Appliances To Consider in Your Kitchen Remodel

Gathering around good food is a timeless tradition, but it doesn’t mean your cooking space should remain outdated. With the advent of wireless technology, time-saving devices, and space-saving solutions, your kitchen remodel is an opportunity to incorporate trending appliances which meet your unique needs. Get your home kitchen out of the Stone Age with state-of-the-art, innovative gadgets for supreme comfort and ease.

Get Tech-savvy

Smart devices are becoming more commonplace in home spaces, and your indoor kitchen is no exception. Wirelessly connected appliances inform you via smartphone or tablet when oven timers go off, dishwasher cycles are finished, and when to change your refrigerator’s water filter. Ultramodern technologies allow you to turn off the broiler or change your oven’s temperature from another room with ease. Smart appliances should be considered in your kitchen remodel because they alleviate mental and physical exertion, letting you focus on other aspects of entertainment such as table setting or prep work. Trending in the world of kitchen remodels, too, are built-in charging stations for tablets and smartphones so you never have to worry about touching your devices with dirty hands. 

White on Top

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While plenty of research has gone into creating the most up-to-date kitchen appliances, one thing remains true in kitchen design: white is king and white appliances are making a comeback. Highly regarded for its pure, light-reflective, and versatile qualities, white sits beautifully in any home kitchen. Following this trend, many manufacturers have been churning out a slew of kitchen appliances that integrate seamlessly among white-colored cabinets and countertops (e.g. Whirlpool's White Ice Collection). White ovens, stovetops, and microwaves lend an elegant, exclusive look beyond what stainless steel can offer. Moreover, dirt is easily detectable on this classic color, meaning you can spot and clean unsanitary spots in your kitchen right away. 

Drawer-style Kitchen Appliances

Compact, accessible styles are among the top trending kitchen appliances. Pullout refrigerators, warming drawers, and cabinetry intended to hold small gadgets save space and are always within effortless reach. Dishwasher drawers, which are generally established in pairs, make running small loads is a breeze. Strategically placed drawer-style appliances render common kitchen tasks, such as loading the dishwasher or digging out heavy crock pots, convenient and easy. Undercounter solutions, such as an icemaker installed directly underneath your sink, are also great space-savers, as are inventive options like a stunning and conversation-worthy elevator oven. Complement hidden appliances with custom paneling that incorporates pullouts and built-ins into the main kitchen without detracting from its overall design.

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Image: Whirlpool