How to Add More Space Without a Home Addition

How to Add More Space Without a Home Addition

Have you ever felt as if you were inexplicably running out of room in your own home? The mysterious phenomenon of shrinking living space, where your house remains the same size, yet seems to be getting smaller, is not uncommon. An accumulation of objects, appliances, and furniture over time can make rooms feel cramped and uncomfortable. Luckily, with a few simple remodeling techniques, you will be able to add more space without a home addition. Avoid the steep cost and inconvenience of taking on additional square footage with these tips and techniques. 

Finish a Project

Take advantage of your home’s full capacity by turning your attention back to that dusty attic or idle garage. Unused living space is like a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered and holds potential to become a much needed functional room or storage area. Salvage a congested sitting room that doubles as an entertainment center by reallocating electronics to a remodeled basement. Or, transform an unfinished attic, provided its ceilings are tall enough, into an extra bedroom to free up space on the floors below; dormers and reinforced ceiling joints underneath your attic will get the job done, if height is an issue. If lack of adequate storage space is causing usable living area to dwindle, convert your garage into a functional storage unit by installing organizational features such as cabinets, hooks, and shelves. The required effort and cost of any of these options will likely be less than attaining a home addition.

Use Vertical Space

Square footage is certainly one way to measure the size of a room, but what about height? Oftentimes, simply building storage and decorative features vertically can breathe new life into a cramped area. Look to under-utilized wall space and nooks between ceilings and furniture to provide blank canvases for taller kitchen cabinets, decorative shelves, or an antique bookcase. Utilizing a room’s height for organizational or aesthetic purposes can relinquish the invaluable space taken up by carelessly placed objects. Remember, you don’t have to put everything on display; keep some items hidden to avoid claustrophobic clutter. Related: Top 3 Home Remodeling Projects.

Play with Illusion

adding more space with a transitioning door to bring the outside in the kitchen with a remodel

While adding more space without a home addition can’t be done with magic, visual illusions do help. Construct cantilevered bay windows or raise a room’s ceiling height to create a sense of spaciousness. Tear down walls to conjoin neighboring rooms, or strategically install indoor windows, new walls, or screens that disallow the eye from taking in the whole space at once, which produces a sense of largeness. Plenty of natural light can work wonders, too, so consider replacing existing doors with glass replacements to open up the space. Mirrors further accentuate light by reflecting it back it into a room, enlarging the area. Finally, high-mounted or hanging features direct the eye upward, creating the illusion of more space.


Conquer unsightly clutter and limited space by thinking outside the box. By completing unfinished rooms, thinking vertically, and employing clever design tricks, you can easily add more space.  

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Photo: A Blackwood & Associates project.