Top Kitchen Cabinet Essentials

Top Kitchen Cabinet Essentials
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Embarking on a kitchen remodel usually means a new face for your kitchen cabinets. Whether it's a brand new layout or just new cabinetry, it's an opportunity for a brand new look and feel to what is often the most used space in a home. With all the pressure of it being right (for beauty and function), be sure to consider the latest kitchen cabinet essential trends for Western PA.


Of Course, Storage.

One of the latest trends for kitchen cabinet design can be seen in kitchen storage. Homeowners are looking for more ways to cleverly store items inside of their kitchen. There's nothing like everything having its proper place. Perhaps it's because more time is being spent in the kitchen and therefore there is a need for more storage space (for more homework, art projects, cooking, office supplies, the list is endless). Regardless of the reason, kitchens today are boasting hidden outlets in cabinets to charge electronics, custom made cabinets to fit into small spaces, shelving that pulls out of cabinets, drawers inside of upper cabinets, and toe-kick drawers located underneath lower cabinets. All of these features make kitchens where the art of organization can reign supreme. 


Neutral Colors.

More people are opting for neutral colors. Usually, that's because neutral colors in the kitchen increase the resale value of the home. Homeowners understand their love of a bright and colorful kitchen might not be shared by everyone in the neighborhood. Also, neutral colors allow you to have far more versatility in decorating your kitchen and integrating it with the rest of your home. For example, the neutral colors of white and gray cabinets allow you the opportunity add color elsewhere in the kitchen. This can be done through paintings, dishes, and utensils. The top neutral color right now? Grey. Skip the white and opt for this new stylish color!


Mixing Materials and Colors.

Using a variety of textures, colors, materials seems to be a trend in everything home related - from your outdoor living spaces to your interiors. For kitchen cabinets, this couldn't be more true. Whether its a varying color just for your kitchen island or just a different color for all the bottom cabinets, mixing is good. Just like with everything else, not everything matches! Make sure to get help from your kitchen designer


Horizontal Is the New Vertical.

Horizontal cabinets are making their way into our Pennsylvania area from Europe (they've been popular there for quite some time now). These cabinets give a kitchen a sleek and modern feel. Consider using a combination of a neutral color and different material for the horizontal style cabinets to create a traditional meets modern look. Happy lifting up!