How Much Will Your PA Kitchen Remodel Cost?

How Much Will Your PA Kitchen Remodel Cost?
A kitchen remodeling project in Canonsburg, PA by Blackwood & Associates; see it  here .

A kitchen remodeling project in Canonsburg, PA by Blackwood & Associates; see it here.

Most families would say that they spend most of their time at home in the kitchen. Whether its the morning rush of preparing lunches or cooking a weeknight dinner, it really is where the heart is (or the patio; tough decision for us). And if you think it might be time to add a little pizzaz into the space that you spend so much time in, then we have a starting place in budgeting for you. 

Before you consider the details...

Experts say you should spend between 5-15% of the total value of your home when you're carrying out a kitchen remodel. For example, if you're in Sewickley, PA, the average listing price is $387,00 ( If your home is indeed worth that amount, then you can expect your kitchen remodel to cost somewhere around $19,000 to $58,000. The truth is however that while this range is wide, its not a set in stone amount. Your budget varies greatly on many considerations, some that we mention below, and others like your reason for remodeling. If its for a home sale, read this article: Top 3 home projects for big return on investment.

Creating more space

One of the best parts about a kitchen remodel is that its the ideal time to considering expanding your kitchen by either demolishing some interior walls (from an adjoining dining room or family room) or exterior walls for an addition. Your costs will typically be lower if you go with interior demolishing (the negative is the obvious loss of space of the adjoining room). Do consider the chain effect costs - which could require a new floor, furniture, painting, or even moving of existing electrical and plumbing. This could all add up to be close to or equivalent to going with an addition.  

Your kitchen cabinets

The sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Consider the overall style of your home: traditional, vintage, contemporary, and so on. Then of course, there's your own personal style that you've been dreaming of seeing come true in your kitchen. Add in your functional needs (more space, more baking room, etc.) and you have your kitchen cabinets starting point. Depending on these said needs, if you end up with custom cabinets as your preference, this will usually lead you on the path on touching the higher end of the budget scale, but clearly more satisfaction down the road.

And of course, the countertops

Countertops can take a big chunk of the overall budget. There are hundreds of choices with a trend to mix materials. On the lower end of the pricing scale, you have solid surface (e.g. corian), recycled glass, stainless steel, and growing in popularity, concrete. In the middle, metal is becoming popular (think copper). On the higher end, you have granite, quartz, and marble. For an added touch of luxury, consider lava stone (non-porous, durable, and unique). 

The floor you walk on...

Your flooring is very similar to your countertops, so expect to pay more for natural stone. There are also lots of subcategories within each one, but the biggest difference is the fact your flooring will cover the entire square footage of your kitchen. Consider the flooring in the other parts of your home to maintain a consistent look and feel (or complementing). And most importantly, consider functionality above everything; nearby areas (back door will require increased durability) and heated floors will add warmth on a cold morning.


You'll find all sorts of high-end appliances today, and those with all the bells and whistles attached will cost you the most. Before looking at options, think through your needs. Is it more oven cooking spaces you need? Perhaps bigger flames for meat? Maybe a built-in fryer and coffee pot would make your life easier? 

Not the fun stuff

Electrical and plumbing is often necessary in a kitchen remodel. Whether its for a new or upgraded appliance, a relocation of wiring, or new plumbing for a moved sick, its one of those not-so-fun parts of the total cost.