Smart Reasons to Build a Garage in Western, PA

Smart Reasons to Build a Garage in Western, PA


Nowadays, a common question keeps popping up among home buyers: “Do I really need a garage?” As more of us store our cars outdoors or convert valuable yard space into backyard offices or outdoor kitchens, the idea of a traditional garage seems outdated. However, with a little practical and creative thinking, it’s easy to shine new light on the value of these beneficial structures. Read on for smart reasons to build a garage or, if you already have one, to give it a much needed makeover.

Increase the Value of Your Home

For many homeowners, a garage seems more like a garbage dump than a potentially money-making addition. According to real estate experts, the latter assessment is more accurate. A well-kept garage can have a 13-percent effect or more on the price of your home and can actually make or break the desirability of a suburban home property. In addition, prospective buyers often connect the condition of a garage with a homeowner’s attention to home maintenance, making an organized garage crucial to selling your home. 

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Functional Storage Space

Embrace your garage’s storing capabilities by taking advantage of its vertical capacity. Mix and match cabinets, hooks, and pegboards on walls to showcase frequently used items, like keys or gardening tools, while hiding others from view. Shelving units lend a clean, traditional look to the interior of your garage and come in varying heights; use them to group similar items, such as pet supplies or children’s toys, together. Additionally, whereas you don’t employ the aid of ceilings in the main home for organizational purposes, a garage ceiling is the perfect place to affix hooks for hanging large outdoor equipment such as bicycles, sea kayaks, and lawn chairs. If done skillfully, rerouting the bulk of your storage to the perimeter and ceiling of your garage can actually create an orderly, artistic look while leaving plenty of space for other functional uses.

Capitalize On Extra Living Space

Just as a garage contributes to the value of your home, it also adds square footage. If your car sits happily outside – or you simply have a surplus of space – consider transforming your garage into that extra room you’ve always wanted (or building one on top). Or, turn your garage into a game room complete with a pool table, dartboard, and refrigerator for refreshments between rounds. Have you been longing for a home office? With a sturdy desk, adequate shelf space, your favorite office chair, and stable internet connection, there’s no reason you can’t achieve separation from your main home while still working from it. As with any living space, make sure to provide sufficient lighting and temperature control.

Though decades have passed since automobiles first graced our homes, the conventional garage is still very much in style. If you are on the cusp of deciding to build a new garage or renovate one you already own, look no further than these simple, yet convincing reasons why you should.   

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