4 Ways to Add Water to Your Landscape Design

4 Ways to Add Water to Your Landscape Design

There is a unique relaxing ambiance that comes with the sounds and sights of water. Many claim that they find some water features to heal or an opportunity to escape. Others find water to attract and bring life to various elements. For example, some water features attract butterflies and birds - and can even hydrate your pets. 

Whether you find water soothing, relaxing, or just beautiful, there are numerous options to complete your landscape design with one (or more) water features. Here are some ideas to get your inspiration going (all are very appropriate for the Wester Pennsylvania weather).


At a minimum two feet deep, ponds are perfect for adding natural water areas to your landscape design. Ponds work best when they're placed in prime locations that are not susceptible to water run off.

Ponds are perfect for housing koi fish, which contrary to popular myth, live happily through the winter. If you're concerned about other animals invading your pond and swallowing up your fish, then structures within the pond could help protect your little swimmers. 


Streams come in (almost) a million shapes and sizes. Unlike other water features, streams are dynamic throughout their design. They usually vary in width throughout and have many different types of stones (or you can skip stones altogether for a more modern look). They can be placed almost anywhere in your landscape design - near walkways, patios, and entrances (to name a few). 

Streams are often used to connect to other features like ponds or waterfalls, but of course, can be enjoyed without any other water integrations. Add bridges and other nearby decor for added function and style. 


Water features for your Western, PA landscape design.

Whether they're pondless or not not, waterfalls are perfect for the sound and sight benefit. They come in all sorts of styles - from traditional to modern. Common material options include natural stone, precast stone, and poured concrete. 

They're probably the most versatile water feature since they can be placed anywhere to serve functionally (e.g. in a pond to keep the water clean) and/or for design. Near a front entrance, a waterfall can help create a beautiful first impression. An especially perfect spot is a waterfall integrated into a swimming pool design. For example, a waterfall can be added to an edge of a pool for architectural reasons to help create a vanishing edge (also referred to zero edge or infinity pool). Another common purpose of a waterfall-swimming pool integration is to help discreetly place a water slide.

Water Fountains

Whether your outdoor style is extreme traditional, contemporary, or anything in between, there is no landscape design that is complete without at least one water fountain.

There are endless ways to check this one off your list. In-ground water fountains are great for swimming pool entrances (and also serve as a bonus activity for those with children). For entrances, including your driveway, tiered water fountains are a common go-to. For gardens and patios, planter and bird bath fountains add soothing effects - and they can be freestanding or attached to a wall.