Best Swimming Pool Design Styles for Your Mars PA Home

Best Swimming Pool Design Styles for Your Mars PA Home

If you’re looking for a swimming pool design and living in Mars, Pennsylvania or greater Butler County Area, look no further. Here are some classic designs suited to the laid-back lifestyle and warm summers. Once you’ve picked your dream pool, don’t forget to give us a call to install it for you.

Best Swimming Pool Design Styles for Your Mars PA Home

Rectangular and oval

If you’re planning on swimming for exercise, the length of a rectangular or oval shaped pool gives you plenty of room for laps and stretches of lazy backstroke. The rounded edges of the oval pool can make cleaning easier, but many homeowners prefer the classic square corners of the rectangular pool, particularly for Mars’ traditional style of architecture. A square or oval pool is simple, to the point and practical, but still provides all the joy and convenience of owning a pool.

Grecian and Roman

Grecian and Roman designs are for homeowners looking a little extra character. The ends of both rectangular and L-shaped pools can be modified in Grecian and Roman style. Grecian designs are characterized by their corners shaved off at 45 degrees, resulting in a shape somewhere between rectangular and oval, or geometric and freeform. Roman designs on the other hand are characterized by the addition of a semi circle on either end that does not quite reach the corners. This results in an ornate, classical shape that is both elegant and simple.

L-shaped and Lazy L

An easy or full L can be added to a rectangular design to add further dimension. With L-shaped pools, you get the length needed for laps, without the worry of bumping into steps, as the steps can be set into the bottom of the L. This also means that both 90 and 135 degree bends offer space where waders can stay out of the way of serious swimmers. Wider angle L’s squeeze even more length out of the available space. Both offer the perfect place for a poolside patio, nestled in the crook of the bend.

Geometric and freeform

Geometric and freeform take pool design to the next level of creativity. Geometric designs are any pools with multiple right angled corners and can consist of several bends. Freeform pools consist of rounded corners and cloudlike shapes of any size and design. These can include figure 8 shaped pools, kidney shaped and custom freeform designs. The shapes of freeform and geometric pools are often designed around other elements of the landscape or topography and offer the advantage of being able to wrap around the design of a house or match the angles of an irregular boundary fence.  

Round pool

Taking it back to the basics, a round pool is the perfect place to soak up some sun and wallow in the cool water. While you won’t be doing any laps in a round pool, they do make good use of space and provide a fun, social summer setting. Round pools come both in-ground and above-ground, are easy to keep clean, quick to heat, and perfectly suited to families with kids who might feel more comfortable in shallow water.

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