Choosing Between Tile, Cork, or Natural Stone for Your Kitchen Flooring

Choosing Between Tile, Cork, or Natural Stone for Your Kitchen Flooring
kitchen flooring options for your kitchen remodel in Butler, PA and Sewickley, PA

No matter how clean, durable, or design-savvy your PA kitchen’s style, a less-than-desirable flooring option can leave your cooking and dining area looking full, flat, and, in some cases, just plain dirty and stained too quick! Materials range from wood, cork, natural stone, and hundreds of other options - each with their own unique aesthetic and functional uses. The top three trending materials are tile, cork, and natural stone (of course). 

To start off, ask yourself these essential questions:

  • How much time do I spend in the kitchen?
  • How much foot traffic do I expect?
  • Which material will be safest?
  • How much energy can I devote to cleaning?
  • What are the costs of maintenance and repair?
  • Does this flooring option fit within my budget?
  • Does it match my kitchen’s style?
  • How will it complement my kitchen backsplash, cabinets, and countertops?


Kitchen Flooring Options


Widely used due to its diverse array of color, shape, size, and pattern availability, as well as its affordability. A custom design is easily achievable, as tile may be glazed to mimic stone or left unglazed to produce an earthy look. Tile’s modular characteristic, too, makes this stain-resistant flooring option particularly customizable. Exercise caution when handling plates, cups, and other breakable objects, as this hard surface is quite unforgiving to glasses and dishware. Moreover, tile can become slippery when wet and quite cold underfoot, so mats or other traction-providing surfaces may be necessary (unless there is heated flooring). Regular sealing and cleaning keep this flooring option, (with costs starting around a couple of dollars per square foot), in top shape.


Consider cork flooring for your kitchen remodel if an eco-friendly, organic look meets your aesthetic taste. With its bold patterns and textures, cork not only brings visual warmth to your design, but provides natural temperature and sound insulation. Although this flooring material can stand up well to dropped knives and likely won’t break dishware, it does tend to fade over time. Cork does not easily rot or grow mold or mildew, but must be periodically sealed, as well as swept and vacuumed often. Costs start around $2-12 per square foot.

Natural Stone.

Want a one-of-a-kind design? Choose from an abundance of color, pattern, and texture options for your kitchen remodel with stone. Natural stone is guaranteed to give classic elegance to your cooking space, remaining smooth and cool in warmer temperatures. Depending on which type you choose, stone flooring may be susceptible to delamination, cracks, and chips, and might require regular resealing. Frequent, simple cleaning is necessary to keep this gorgeous kitchen flooring option looking pristine. Natural stone can really vary in pricing and starts at around $15-$30 per square foot.

Make an informed decision that matches your design aspirations, lifestyle, and budget by using these guidelines when considering flooring options for your Pennsylvania kitchen remodel! Need more help? Contact us!


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