Outdoor Lighting For the Pittsburgh, PA Area

Outdoor Lighting For the Pittsburgh, PA Area

The best way to create an outdoor space that is as beautiful and functional as your indoor spaces is to treat them like you would with any indoor room. From considering the furniture to the paintings, all the way to the most important finishing touch: lighting. Lets face it, outdoor lighting can make or break a space. We've narrowed down some of the top benefits of making sure you include outdoor lighting into your backyard spaces.


In many indoor rooms, a ceiling light can be bright enough to light the room. There is a reason we go out of our way with table lamps, wall sconces, and light dimmers. The right level of brightness in specific areas can help create soft, relaxing spaces. Think of hardscape lighting in your fire pit sitting areas or deck lighting. The key is to get the right combination of different types of outdoor lighting. To help your outdoor lighting designer create the perfect mix of lighting for you, consider the many purposes of the space, including the most often and seldom. 

Safety & Security.

Using lighting near walkways - whether they're in the front or the back of your home, will help provide clear paths and identify and tripping hazards. To make the most of this, consider lighting that will provide uplighting of plants or other elements along the way - resulting in a safer and more beautiful walkway. For other places like driveways, garages, and even pool areas, as well as walkways, use some form of motion lighting. From a security standpoint, intruders are less likely to visit a home that's well lit.


Outdoor lighting is part of landscaping and thanks to realestate.com, we know that landscaping can provide up to 150% return on investment (read more about this in this article about basement remodeling). Add in potential discounts on your home insurance (since your security increases with outdoor lighting), and you have yourself a perfect dollar reason for having outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting in a Sewickley, PA project Blackwood & Associates, read more about it  here .

Outdoor lighting in a Sewickley, PA project Blackwood & Associates, read more about it here.