10 Creative Uses for Your Basement

10 Creative Uses for Your Basement


Basements no longer bare the scourge of damp dungeons only suitable for Dad’s old college recliner. Thanks to new products that control dampness and humidity and modern innovative lighting and functional architectural details, they’ve earned new respect. Your basement can “take you away from it all” and make you the envy of friends and family. This is the place to display your wildest design ideas and create an environment that brings you and your family many years of enjoyment. Enjoy!

1. 1920s Speakeasy

Think beyond a simple bar. Welcome your guests through the peephole opening of the heavy wood door. Soft lighting and jazz playing through the surround sound system set the prohibition vibe as you serve drinks from the ornate, carved wood bar. 

2. 1940s Opera House

A home theater your friends and family will never forget. Fill the room with seats that the occupants sink into. Hang lush drapery all around to recreate the atmosphere of a Parisian Opera House. Of course, behind the scene, is state of the art projection and sound equipment. From karaoke nights, to talent shows for the kids, all the way to football sundays- you'll have it all!

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3. Ultimate Spa

Yes, a hot tub can be a life changer. Especially with the right music and nearby bar. Upgrade this experience with a sauna. Go for the traditional woodsy hot room with dry air or for wet air, opt for a steam room. 

4. Cabin in the Woods

Recreate your favorite get-a-way cabin in your basement. Today’s abundant selection of natural wood and stone can be used to create a “take me away stay-cation” conveniently located just down your basement stairs. Trust us, your kids will the love the indoor camping!

5. Ballroom Dance Studio

An inviting room with wood floors and mirrored walls pulls your guests onto the dance floor. The enveloping dance music flows into the room through a state of the art sound system. An evening from the past that your guests (or just family) will want to attend repeatedly.

6. Artist Studio

Whatever type of artistic talent is expressed, an inspiring studio is motivating. Well-organized supplies at your fingertips make finding time to indulge your creative talent convenient and easy.

7. Children’s Story & Explore Room

Encourage your child to be creative and help them develop an active imagination. Design your basement as their favorite story or cast of movie characters. Whether it’s building a treehouse (and a tree) or recreating Disney figures, your child will spend many hours on flights of fantasy. Cozy nooks and places to hide will provide reading niches and secret places to nap.

8. Lawyer Library

Convert your basement to a man cave extraordinaire. Envelope the room in rich wood and fill it with aged leather furniture. Line the walls with shelves of books accessible by rolling library ladders. This room can double as a homework room.

9. Indoor Swimming Pool

There is no better way to forget the howling wind and snow drifts outside than swimming laps in your indoor, heated pool. Year round, you'll have the perfect oasis, inside.

10. Display Restored Classic Cars

After years of collecting and restoring Classic Cars, you can now keep them safe from the weather and be available for you to admire at any time of the day or night.

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