Landscape Design Ideas to Add to your New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year ahead, now is a great time to start thinking about new Butler, PA landscape construction projects in preparation for the summer. From pools to patios, here are some design ideas perfect for kick-starting 2017 in style.

Multi-level Patio

A large patio area is certainly a luxury, however the large surface can appear to be quite monotonous. To break up the space, multiple levels can be added, creating additional vantage points from which to view the scenery, adding visual interest and contributing to a sense of intimacy that is lost in a larger space. Additionally, multiple levels make patio space a possibility on sloping terrain, providing easy to organize spaces that flow with the natural lay of the land. Each level can serve a different function and can be differentiated by level as well as varying paver laying patterns, providing each with a subtly unique feel.

Luxury Spa

Why not treat yourself this year with the luxury of your own hot spa? As a poolside accessory or standalone feature, a spa offers a number of proven health benefits, including easing inflammation, aiding in the recovery of sports injuries and improving blood circulation. Apart from this a spa is simply perfect for a soothing soak at the end of the day. The entertainment value of a spa can also not be understated, providing the perfect complement to backyard socializing and entertaining.  

Butler PA Landscape Design Ideas to Add to your New Year's Resolutions

Koi Pond

Whether you’re a competitive koi breeder or simply looking to add serenity and charm to your landscape design in the new year, a koi pond is a magnificent dynamic feature sure to bring enjoyment and aesthetic appeal. Koi are renowned for their playfulness and colorful variations, and have also become known as a symbol for love, good luck and friendship. As such, koi ponds are favorites of feng shui enthusiasts and are undoubtedly an excellent way to add color, movement and the stress relieving benefits of a water feature to your landscape.

Infinity Pool

There’s no better way to take advantage of a breathtaking view than with the addition of an infinity pool. Designed to create the illusion of the horizon merging into the surface of the water, an infinity pool is both visually stunning and practical, with the catch basin filtration system contributing to clean and aerated water. For homes with sloping backyards, an infinity pool is a more picturesque alternative to a regular inground pool built into a slope and provides the perfect foreground to a patio overlooking a sweeping panorama.


On the subject of pools, a waterslide is the ultimate poolside accessory for kids and the young at heart, allowing you to transform your backyard into a rip-roaring waterpark. A waterslide makes for the perfect entertainment feature for pool parties and boisterous summer fun. This project of ours featured a 100 foot waterslide as part of a backyard children’s entertainment arena including a 9 hole miniature golf course and children’s railroad ride.