Creating Shade in Your Pennsylvania Backyard

Creating Shade in Your Pennsylvania Backyard

With careful consideration for design, even a small backyard has the potential to become an outdoor haven. Creating shade in your backyard is the first step towards building a private oasis where you can curl up with a book, enjoy an outdoor dinner, or relax in the hammock for an afternoon nap. On a hot summer day, finding that perfect shady spot can be a challenge, so here are some ways you can create shade in your backyard from the beginning with thoughtful landscape design.

Plant Large Shade Trees

Trees are the earth’s most natural option for creating shade, but many homes lack trees that are large enough to offer adequate cover. Luckily, qualified professionals can add large, partially mature trees to a yard that offer fast relief from the sun’s heat. Rather than planting small seedlings, choose trees that are at least a few years old before you transplant. This will speed up the process and give your backyard an instant shady makeover - or enough time before the sun returns in several months!

Build a Patio Around Your Best Tree 

One of the easiest ways to add shade to a patio is to build the patio beneath an existing tree. Add concrete pavers or natural stone below your favorite shade tree and then add comfortable seating, some comfortable outdoor furniture, or even a daybed perfect for catching a nap in the fresh air.

Add a Fabric Canopy to an Existing Deck 

If your home already has a nice deck, a fabric canopy is a perfect solution for instant shade. The canopy will typically attach to the deck railings and is easy to install. For best long term use, choose a canopy fabric that is fade-resistant and weather-proof. Related: Choosing a Deck Design

Shade a Pergola with Wisteria  

Shade in your westmoreland, PA backyard with a gazebo

Pergolas add a touch of fairy tale magic to any backyard. Ranging from small and simple to quite elaborate and large, pergolas come in many shapes and sizes. To add shade to the pergola, plant Wisteria around the perimeter. Wisteria is known for its fast growing vines that will quickly provide shade cover while also boosting the whimsical feel of your pergola hideaway.

Install Shade Sails Over Seating Areas 

Shade sails are a popular choice among homeowners this year thanks to the low cost and ease of installation. The shades come in a wide variety of colors and textures and attach quickly to nearby structures with eyelet screws. This is a perfect way to add shade over a picnic area or to extend the shade cover over a child’s sandbox or playhouse.


Whether you opt for natural options like large trees and vining wisteria or you prefer cover from colorful shade sails, creating shade in your backyard isn’t difficult. Choose the option that will best complement the landscape design and the outdoor living space will be more enjoyable than ever before.